Prior to your structure being fumigated, the Fumigation Subcontractor will be contacting the Gas Company for shut off. The Gas Company will be on site the morning of your fumigation date to shut off the gas meter to the structure.It is the responsibility of the Homeowner/Agent to contact the Gas Company to restore (turn-on) gas service 24 hours in advance. It is important that the gas restoration be scheduled after noon (12:00 PM) on the date of certification (re-entry).The Gas Company requires that someone over the age of eighteen (18) be present on the day of the restoration and must show proof that the structure is safe for re-entry by providing the Gas Company representative with NOTICE OF RE-ENTRY posted on your property by Fumigation Subcontractor on the certification date.

In the event of a cancelled Fumigation by Homeowner/Agent, the Fumigation Subcontractor must be notified prior to Fumigation date to cancel the order with The Gas Company. If a cancellation is notified the same day as the Fumigation, the gas will not be restored until the following business day.

If a Fumigation is cancelled by the Fumigation Subcontractor, due to lack of preparation, weather conditions (rain, wind etc.), the Fumigation Subcontractor will attempt to Fumigate again the next business day. It will be the Homeowner’s!Agent’s responsibility to contact The Gas Company to make date changes for the restoration of gas service. If Fumigation is rescheduled for a further date by the Homeowner/Agent the Fumigation Subcontractor will notify the Gas Company of the date change to turn off the gas.

Please be aware that if anyone other than the Gas Company turns-on or shuts-off the gas service, there may be penalties including fines from $3000.00 to $25,000.00 and/or legal action.


1/We Homeowner/Agent/Occupant, grant permission for Leadership Fumigations, Inc., to contact The Gas Company to TURN-OFF the gas prior to Fumigation. 1/We Homeowner/Agent/Occupant, will contact The Gas Company to RESTORE the gas service to the structure after Fumigation is completed, and I am aware that The Gas Company will need 24-hour notice.


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