Structural Repairs

Pests and dry rot can do a lot of damage to your home or other structure. It’s great to know that LD Termite can not only rid your house of damaging termites and other pests, but can also expertly repair the damage those pests left behind. See the Before and After pictures below. You will be astounded at the difference LD Termite’s structural repair experts can make to your home. It will look like new again!

Before and After: Wooden Steps and Railing

dryrot-1-200Before — Extensive dry rot made these wooden steps and railing dangerous and unsightly. dryrot-2-200After–From the Side. The railing was repaired and the damaged wood replaced. No more worries about someone grabbing the rail and having it give way!
dryrot-3-200After–From the Front. The wooden steps have been expertly replaced. The railing was repaired and the whole thing looks as good as new!

 Before and After: A Hazardous Wooden Deck is Repaired


Before–A heavily damaged wooden deck. The joists have rotted away, causing hazardous conditions.



 After–The damaged wood has been removed and a new, structurally sound deck foundation has been built

 Before and After: Completely Rotted Window Ledge Now Looks Good as New




Before–This wooden window ledge has completed rotted through.



After #1 — The rotted wood is removed and the ledge is reinforced.





After–From the Side. The wood has been replaced and the exterior has been painted. Looks good as new!



After–From the Front. You would never know that the window ledge originally had extensive damage.